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Random Thoughts While Driving 6.5 Hours Alone in the Car

Yesterday I was able to hit the road solo.  My husband cleaned up his car for me to drive and took the day off to shuttle the kids to and from school.  I had my tea, GPS, and music.  I was all set for the drive—time to organize my thoughts and reflect on the direction my life is taking me.  What I found was not an organized list, but rather a smash-up of many things.  Welcome to the World of my random thoughts…….


*)  The wildflowers along I-40 from Wilmington to Greensboro bring me joy.  They remind me so much of my wedding bouquet from 17 years ago.  That was a good day!

*)  The Women and Men of the United Way of Greensboro are doing some incredible work to promote community resources that advance family issues.  Attending their Women in Philanthropy event left me inspired.  It is always uplifting to travel other places and see individuals coming together to do good.

*) Everyone needs to buy a copy of The Beauty of Different by Karen Walrond to be reminded of their superpowers and how they can use them for good.

*)  I wonder how iTunes determines the genius list.  It just does not seem right that Erotic City by Prince would be followed by the Phineas and Ferb theme song.

*)  Our tour guide at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum radiated passion.  To be standing in the room of the lunch counter sit-in was a little surreal.  We need to fill ourselves with the courage from these men and women to continue being a voice for social justice for everyone everywhere!!

*)  I love meeting remarkable woman.  Confidence and poise are words to describe Valda Boyd Ford.  I look forward to connecting again with her.

*)  It is time to take my life menu (bucket list) out of my head and put it on paper.  I would like to take singing lessons—my kids would agree.  I want to add piano lessons to that too and visiting San Francisco, New York, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, Greece…..ok I need to share these thoughts in a different post on a different day!!

*)  We need to start dropping more Love Bombs to change the World.


To wrap up and be honest, there were MANY more thoughts that went through my head on this trip and are continuing today.  I feel like I am “coming alive” at lightning pace.  But the thought I want you to hold with you came from Karen’s dad:

“The World is a small place.  You have to help where you can.”

We all have superpowers and the ability to come alive.  Find your power, find you voice, and use it to help where you can.

Peace and love,


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