Coming Alive

Inspiring others to use their voice to change the World

Beyond Blogging

As mentioned on the Shining Moments page, speaking and educating others on how they can effectively be a voice for what they care about is what lights me up.  With a Master’s in Public Administration I will become equipped with the expertise in everything from non-profit management to public and policy analysis.  With this I can build on the skills I have acquired through my nursing profession and life experiences.  While in school I can provide services as an independent consultant assisting organizations reach new audiences, influence policy, and change the world.  I have created a pilot program, Coming Alive: The Workshop, to assist groups to awaken and embrace their passions in their everyday world.   I am currently looking for organizations interested in sampling a shortened one-day version pro-bono.  Please let me know if you are interested.

Below are some other ways we can work together.  Feel free to reach me through email if you have other ideas:

Event Management:  Coming soon………..


Public speaking lights me up! I aspire to help groups find their voice and how to use it for good. I am a registered nurse by profession and have used that degree to teach LPN students, run a high school clinic (where I presented health trainings to 150+ teachers), provide after hours telephone triage care for a group of pediatricians, facilitate a leadership program for adolescents and teach an adult ESL class. I feel comfortable speaking about a wide range of topics with the underlying theme of “coming alive”!  I would love to be the keynote speaker at your next event.


I truly believe that every organization, whether a small business, large corporation, government entity, non-profit, NGO, school, or place of faith has a commonality and a desire to do good in the world. I have a tremendous amount of ideas that could showcase the positive work being done, and foster connections to share this work with a larger audience, encouraging engagement and action.  Visit my professional bio to learn more about my experience and discover how we can work together to benefit your organization or business.


Through writing I have the ability to awaken the sleeping activist in everyone. Over the last few years I have been published several times on the ONE blog receiving great feedback. Some of my favorites are I Have Already Changed the World and Straight Talk. I have also been published in the Carolina For Kibera 2010 Annual Report, on the ABC Million Moms Challenge website, the Coastal Carolina UNA-USA newsletter, and in the Wilmington Star-News.  I am currently in the beginning stages of an inspirational book to compliment Coming Alive and will be writing on my blog to showcase the catalog/retail company, UncommonGoods.  It is not easy for me to write about just anything, but if it is in alignment with my passions then the words begin to flow.  Contact me by email at to discuss sponsored post or product review.

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