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Figuring out where to give can be a daunting task. There is so much to consider–where is the money going and is it really doing what it is supposed to be doing. So often I hear discussion about how much goes to administration and marketing vs. to the actual cause and this keeps people from giving. Where I do not always share my thoughts, I will offer something to consider. So many non-profits and NGOs take care of the most vulnerable people in our world and they are run by people. These people have families and live in communities that they would like to shop and play in. If money is distributed “wisely”, then all will benefit from it. I base where I donate my money on the outcomes I see in the organization and the compassion that goes into them. I am not concerned if the organization is large and global (UN Foundation), or local and small (One Way Out). I look for the love:)

Below are some of my favorites–email me at for more information on any of them!!


One Way Out


UN Women

Somebody’s Child

Carolina For Kibera

Full Belly Project



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