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Not What I Was Expecting: A Family Full of Bloggers

Not What I Was Expecting:

A Family Full of Bloggers!!!

            A few weeks ago I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit in Miami—my first ever social media conference.  It was time I learned about the online world I had found myself in since visiting Kenya with the ONE Moms last July.  Yes, I left there with a clearer understanding of the inner workings of this dynamic field, but more importantly I walked away with an awakened sense of my own self-confidence.  Again, it was another “coming alive” moment.  What I didn’t expect to happen was to come home to a family full of bloggers!

            While listening to Brene Brown during her keynote address at the conference I wrote big across my paper: “We cannot give our kids what we don’t have”.  Over the last several years (probably more than several) I have struggled to find my purpose outside of motherhood.  It is now becoming apparent to me more and more everyday—and it’s obvious by what I am witnessing in my family.  I came home from Miami to my husband more inspired than I have seen him in years to start writing again, a daughter with an incredible idea for a blog, a son working through struggles of being a teenage boy and wanting to write about it so that it might help others, and a son that the World better watch out for—I am not sure it is ready for his copious ways!!! 

Needless to say, I am SUPER impressed, empowered, moved, elated, and proud of each one of them and want to share their blogs here……… 

            Please be patient as we fine tune all of our sites, we will continue writing through the process.  Join us for our journey……….It should be a great ride!!

My husband, My forever friend

My youngest son (who gets tired of being last—so has his blog here first!), My sunshine

My middle son, My sage

My daughter, My inspiration

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2 thoughts on “Not What I Was Expecting: A Family Full of Bloggers

  1. Jeannine on said:

    I love this post!

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