Coming Alive

Inspiring others to use their voice to change the World


Personal Bio:

I am, Rachel Fox; a woman, mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, speaker, writer, consultant, nurse, teacher, student, field organizer, advocate, volunteer, daydreamer, world changer etc. who is creating herself one story at a time. Through a series of life events I have found myself in a place rediscovering my voice and Coming Alive.  I hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and have used that degree to work at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, teach LPN students, work on Adolescent and Adult Psychiatric Units, run a ten bed high school clinic for 1600+ students, and be an afterhour’s telephone triage nurse for a busy group of pediatricians. This I would say was professional life number 1 and now almost 20 years later I am ready to take a leap of faith into professional life number 2! Check out Beyond Blogging and The Workshop for a glimpse of where I am heading.

Holding a baby during a home visit with the HIV/AIDS counselor in Kisumu, Kenya

I have always been a passionate voice for fair-trade and ending extreme poverty and looking for a way to combine my education with my passions.  Since moving to NC six years ago I have been blessed with a wealth of life-changing opportunities outside of my nursing degree, but in alignment with what I care about most.  For three years I served as a volunteer for The ONE Campaign as a Congressional District Leader and member of their Mom’s Advisory Council, which was exactly what I needed to “come alive”. I have taught ESL classes part-time through the community college, and continue to mentor a few teens that I worked with while the co-facilitator of the DREAMS Teen Council.  I am a honorary board member of The Coastal Carolina UNA-USA Chapter, the DREAMS Parent Advisory Board, member emeritus of the ONE Moms Advisory Council, and currently serve as Secretary of the NC USNC-UN Women Board, Vice President for the Wilmington Region UN Women, and on the board for One Way Out Kenya.  Visit my professional bio to learn more.

My family is my favorite—spend a few minutes with me and you will know about all of them.  I met my husband when I was in the seventh grade, married him after college, and started a family with him a few years later.  Over the last 20+ years he has worked in restaurant management, and over the last few years has started writing and creating again.   He credits me for his “coming alive” moment, but it has been in him all along just waiting for the right moment to surface.

Beach Walk

We are also the (proud) parents of three incredible kids–yes, I know I am their mom, but I am not kidding when I say they are extraordinary individuals. I am so proud of the courage they have shown to be unique in a world that leans towards conformity. They are deep thinkers, compassionate, and always a voice for justice.  They amaze me, inspire me, and make me smile everyday–I am ONE lucky mom!


Family on the 4th

Spontaneous 4th of July at the beach

On September 13 we added a new member to our family–Blondie (just like Debbie Harry), a two year old Jack Russell/Dachshund Mix!! The first two years of her life have been extremely tough–living homeless, abuse, illness, and losing an entire litter of pups:( After some wonderful love and attention from Paw’s Place Animal Rescue, Winnabow, NC we were able to welcome her to our family. It didn’t take her anytime to mark her scent in every room of the house. She looks like a miniature version of Tink (our dog from IN)! It already feels like she has lived with us forever♥

fashion and Blondie 9.13.2013 025

Loving our new dog, Blondie!

As a family we love playing games, going to the beach, Disney World, family movie night, live theatre (especially musicals), creating art, taking bike rides, sewing, skateboarding, reading, library visits, concerts, second hand shopping, visiting our local hot spots, touring family and friends around Wilmington, and just having a good time.

Disney World 2012 046

Good times with Pluto-Disney 2012

Finding my voice, being a voice, and coming alive is happening through all of this and is what I hope becomes contagious from this blog…….because as the quote by Howard Thurman  reads……”what the world needs is more people who come alive”

Dancing on a potato farm in rural Nakuru County, Kenya 2011

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