Coming Alive

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The Workshop

Coming Alive: The Workshop

What lights you up? Do you talk to others about it or is it tucked away in that tiny little private place within you? Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” I can feel this quote to my core and have carried it with me to Africa, the White House, and every speaking event I have attended since. After careful thought and planning I have taken my experiences and combined them with the conversations I have had with so many (my kids included) to present a workshop.

Maybe it does not seem realistic to consider using your passion when deciding on a college degree. It could be that incorporating it into your daily job does not feel professional. Even worse, could be that feeling you have waited too long to pursue your big ideas. I am not sure what holds us back, but I do know that Howard Thurman is right—the world needs us coming alive!

This 4 hour workshop is a perfect opportunity to provide a spark for your organization, book club, women’s group, business, birthday party, or other event you may be planning.  So often we find ourselves living our days like a machine or our parties need a little “umph”.   Your guests, employees, volunteers will leave this workshop laughing, talking, inspired, and uplifted.  It can be presented over multiple days or as one event. I am currently looking for organizations interested in sampling a shortened one-day version pro-bono.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Contact me via email to discuss details,

Here is a little workshop preview: We begin by rediscovering our passions. We will do a “light” list and some mapping then spend some time sharing what we discover with one another in speed dating format (it will be fun:). Then time will be spent getting creative with some group art—prepare to perform and get a little messy! Throughout this workshop there will be an emphasis on intergenerational communication, because I have discovered through by friends, kids, and acquaintances there is a disconnect between teens, parents, teachers, and older adults when it comes to talking about our personal lives. Our goal is to erase this discomfort with some meaningful practice. Finally, we will pull everything together and brainstorm ways to incorporate our passions into our everyday world.

The time together will be fun, engaging, inspiring, and hopefully life changing!



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