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A couple of years ago I wrote a post,  Gift Giving From the Heart.  I have been a “social” shopper ever since I was spending my own money.  By that I mean I think about what I am purchasing;  who created it, where did it come from, how was it made, how was it tested, is it something truly needed, and who is benefiting from the purchase.  I always want to give credit to the late Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop for my shopping habits (obsessions).  Almost 20 years, I came across a book on clearance that she had written the introduction for, showcasing her inspiration for starting The Body Shop.  She had common sense about making products that were good for the earth AND for the people on the earth.  While the kids were in elementary school I would come in on Earth Day as the Earth Princess, clothed in an Aveda dress made of recycled soda bottles and with a table covered in Fair Trade Certified, environmental, and socially responsible purchases from our house.  During recess over 700 students would be brought to hear my presentation.  They LOVED it!!  First they had to guess what the dress was made of, then I had pictures from kids their ages and families around the world that were benefiting from the products our family was buying.  There were baskets, tea, shampoo, shoes, notebooks, clothes, and food.  We talked about the mothers who were taught to be beekeepers in Africa so they could produce and sell honey for conditioner therefore having enough money to send their kids to school.  The students loved the tennis shoes made from recycled rubber tires, leading to less waste in our landfill.  They were taught how to look at the labels and learn more about how to make compassionate purchases.  My favorite was always to share that these items were affordable and buying them is doing a world of good!!

My hope is this page becomes the “go to” page when you need to shop.  We have more power to make change than we realize with the purchases that we make!!  If you come across a favorite company or item that would compliment this page send me an email,  I will create a blog post to showcase, then place it on the “shop” page to stay.  Products made with love are my favorite!!!

Happy Shopping:

UncommonGoods–Your one-stop shop for everything cool–my kids love looking through this catalog!!

The Body Shop–All of our hair, fragrance, and skin care needs are met by The Body Shop.  I have been shopping here for almost 20 years and have never had a single negative experience.  The Love Your Body card is worth every penny.  If you need any suggestions just ask, because I have used it all!

While in Africa I had the opportunity to actually witness first hand the impact that our purchases make.  We all know that when we invest in women then we improve entire communities.  Women trained in skills will share there knowledge with other women and use their earnings to educate their children and feed their families.  When I wear my Zulu beads, Fashionable scarf, or Amani Ya Juu dress I feel the love and peace that was put into it.

Amani Ya Juu–I felt like I was in Anthropologie when walking through this story, instead I was in Nairobi, Kenya!  I wrote the post, Together We Are Transformed, the day I visited.  This was the only time I broke into tears while in Africa–and they were “happy” tears from the “coming alive” I felt happening in their space.

The Leaky Collection–I wear my Zulugrass beads almost every single day!  I imagine the Maasai women proudly creating each string.  Also, the Beads for Learning make an incredible teacher gift.

FashionABLE–The scarf that I am wearing on my home page is from FashionABLE.  I love reading the cards, “because of this purchase I am ABLE to send my three children to school”.  Imagine my surprise when I found an entire wall of FashionABLE scarves in a small local business in downtown Wilmington, NC!!  I am always uplifted when I see social shopping spreading!

In their book, Refuse To Do Nothing: Finding Your Power To Abolish Modern-Day Slavery, Shayne Moore and Kim McOwnen Yim make a great list of companies to consider when buying your next gift.  I have heard of some and not of others, but know that they were chose for their book carefully.  Hope you find it helpful!

Remember to share your favorite sites, so that I can add them to the list…………..

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