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Infinite Possibilities

“If you have built castles in the sky, let not your dreams go to waste. Just build the foundations under them.”~Henry David Thoreau

            It was seventeen years ago today that my husband and I were married.  However our story starts many years earlier than that.  Actually twelve years earlier—I met my husband when I was eleven years old.  This is not a mushy love story, but rather a story of empowerment, trust, hopes, dreams, and possibilities—infinite possibilities.

            I was in seventh grade math when I met this kid named Randy Fox.  My gosh did he like to give me a hard time!  Always making fun of my shoes (do you remember the black roman shoes?).  Well, I had a strong voice and a talent for finding solutions even back then, so a contract was written (by him, per my request) that we both signed to remind us to choose our words differently.  I now look back and wonder if that “Contract of Agreement” was signed during some astrological event creating a little magic, because it was from that moment on when Randy and I would go to each other when we needed reminded that we had purpose and something to offer the world.  We officially went on a date our junior year of high school, but were never considered “high school sweethearts”.  He was a skateboarder and I loved honors calculus.  We really did our own things, but were on a forward moving path together.  During college we took some time on our own—you know the “I need to find myself stage” and the “I’m setting you free” break up.   With no intention of seeing him again I mailed a card and included the quote from my Celestial Seasonings tea box (I always cut the quotes off!!):  “If you have built castles in the sky, let not your dreams go to waste.  Just build the foundations under them.”~Henry David Thoreau.  This was my goodbye and my deep rooted wish for him.

Now obviously this was not the end of the story.  We did reconnect after a year apart and the moment he walked in the door I knew in an instant that together we could build a foundation for castles grander than my imagination was ready for.  He reminds me daily to go full speed ahead, NO FEAR, let your light shine, go change the world and I remind him that I love him.  I am super excited that he is starting to share his insight, warmth, and talents with the world.  Follow him on his blog at Poppiopushover and discover what I have known all along……….He will remind you that the world is full of infinite possibilities.

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2 thoughts on “Infinite Possibilities

  1. What a beautiful love story you both share – and live each day. Blessings to you both as you continue your journey of life and love together!

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