Coming Alive

Inspiring others to use their voice to change the World


There are so many reasons the world needs us to come alive.  Mine may be different from yours, but they are equally important.  Use my list to create your own and then embrace the fact that your action will create change…….no more doubts and no more holding back, it’s time to COME ALIVE right now!!

1)Because we have asked for investments in “smart aid”, global poverty in 2010 was HALF the level it was in 1990.  That tells me that we have made a difference with the letters we have written and petitions we have signed.  Think of the possibilities if we keep the momentum going–or better yet GROW the movement!!

2)We all have a desire to live in a safe world.  Programs like Feed the Future, GAVI, The Global Fund, and PEPFAR are saving lives, providing training and resources in sustainable agriculture, and empowering woman.  This in turn is creating strong stable communities, leaving fewer areas for violence and human trafficking to breed.  Think about this:  “a country would not want to go to war with the people who are saving the lives of their children”.  Ending extreme poverty will lead to a peaceful, just world.

3)You do not have to watch the news to know that the economy is on the minds of everyone.  I’m asked often why I would advocate to send money outside of the US.  First it is important to know that foreign aid accounts for less than 1% of the total US budget and this small slice of the pie is saving millions of lives.  The US should be proud of our giving nature.  We are the largest supplier of emergency food aid whenever there is an international disaster,  such as the famine in the Horn of Africa.  Investing in early famine warning systems and sustainable agriculture will in turn create less dependence on the emergency food aid.  It goes back to the term, “smart aid”!!  Seeing the end of poverty though is a large task and can not be accomplished by benefit concerts and the faith community alone.  This needs to be a collaboration of governments, corporations, faith communities, celebrities, musicians, and everyday people.  That is why I resonate with the word ONE–coming together as ONE to change the world!

4)Signing petitions, making phone calls and writing letters makes a HUGE impact!  When I attend meetings with our Members of Congress they are always most impressed with the hand written letters.  Both Republicans and Democrats understand the importance of global development, but they need to hear that these issues matter to their constituents.  Sharing the facts and petitions on social media is also important.  When we can relay the number of media impressions and mentions these topics receive to our elected officials their ears perk up.  A letter to the editor in their district–is a gold medal!!

5)We all  hear the importance of service–there is even a statistic that people who volunteer are 42% more likely to describe themselves as “very happy” than those who don’t.  For years I thought that I was content being at home and quietly using my voice.  Well let me say there is something magical about “coming alive” and fully engaging in what lights you up.  Believe me when I say, there is no reason to hold back.

6)Being a voice for justice, sharing your passions and talents with others, and doing good are just the right things to do!

So launch now, sail away from the safe shores, shout out loud, come alive–the world is ready!!!!

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