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“One little spark of inspiration, is at the heart of all creation”~Figment

After spending most of the summer in a funk from our lack of routine and busy schedule, it took the song from Disney’s Figment to reignite the Fox Family!!   For anyone who knows me, change is not my strong point.  I see change requiring money (or so I assume), taking energy (that I have lacked this summer), and time (which in our house is a commodity).  The family wanted to take our bonus room and turn it into work stations.  In my ideal world I could visualize the room (all full of IKEA), but with our budget of $0, I only saw the project as stress.

Lucky for me I have three kids that like to remind me of the things I tell them (and sing to them) all of the time.  They reminded me of the Figment’s words that we had just heard a few weeks prior:

“One little spark of inspiration

Is at the heart of all creation

Right at the start of everything that’s new

One little spark lights up for you

Imagination, Imagination

A dream can be a dream come true

With just that spark in me and you

So while singing we found our motivation and started moving furniture at 9pm on a Sunday night.  The results are better than I even “imagined” and we did it all without spending a penny!!

All summer our blogs were a struggle—one week in their creative spaces and our sparks have ignited!!  Enjoy what you read:

Neverland Effect


Dream Think Live It

 I am Copious

As the school year begins we would like to find some consistency with our blogs.  At this time our plan is for a weekly Sunday post that will then be shared together in a post on Coming Alive Monday mornings.  Now that my spark is ignited Coming Alive should start taking form as well…..I am looking forward to creating a dream that can come true–changing the world, with all of you:-)

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