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Why Disney?

Sometimes talking about Disney can be taboo like religion and politics.  There is the saying, “you either love it or you don’t”.  For me over the years I have learned not to have a definitive opinion about anything, because there is always a chance I might see things differently.  Such was the case with Disney.

I had a history with Disney and had a visited a few times, but there is a much deeper story to why Disney is important to me and really how it was one of my “coming alive” life moments.  My son Henry was a wonderful homebirth in May 2011–our family was balanced and now complete with baby number three.  However, about 6 weeks after his delivery I started feeling extremely emotional—panic attacks, long episodes of crying, anxiety, cloudy thoughts, night sweats, and more.  I continued to get through my days barely at times, with only my husband aware of how I was feeling.

It was September 11, 2001 when my fragile emotional state crumbled.  I was cancelling our January trip to Disney, sitting up all night watching the kids sleep, and constantly in a state of panic and anxiety.  I finally opened up to my doctor and was diagnosed with post-partum depression.  My body was not reacting well with the medication, so I had to do discover some alternatives.  In that period of self-growth I read many books, opened up, and as crazy as this sounds made a decision to plan the best Disney trip ever.

This project really helped pull me out of my dark place.  It later even landed me as an official Disney Vacation Planner for a local travel agent and a graduate of the Disney College of Knowledge.  My favorite Walt Disney quote:  “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”, continues to serve me to this day.

And now here I sit on the eve of our 9th trip and this year we are taking a guest—Jonathon(JB) is a teen from the DREAMS Teen Council.  When I was the co-facilitator I began each meeting with our leadership trip plans—JB would always shout, “you mean our trip to Disney World”!!  Well, my kids asked if we could make that happen.  So last year when Isabel was tutoring him she made it all about Disney, ending with the BIG announcement.  I am expecting to see many “coming alive” moments as I watch him experience the magic next week, and for me I am grateful that I allow myself to see Disney in the light of imagination, possibility, inspiration, and happiness.

As Figment likes to say……”One little spark of inspiration”……………

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4 thoughts on “Why Disney?

  1. So so so so happy for you. Welcome back – “see you real soon!”

  2. Amy Graff on said:

    Thanks for this honest post. Wishing you and your family a fun trip! Put on those Mickey ears!

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