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The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

          Last September when I took my first trip to Washington D.C. as a ONE Congressional District Leader I remember sitting in the airport watching this young professional girl pull out her laptop and go to work.  Later that evening as I was in my hotel room (alone-without kids!)  and called my husband.  Our conversation turned to the girl in the airport.  A part of me wanted to have something that was so important that I would have a laptop and work to do on it while I sat in an airport.  Honestly, my self-doubt is sometimes not healthy! 
            Today, here I sit in the Atlanta airport as I wait for my connecting flight to Amsterdam to then take me to Nairobi, Kenya and I am on a laptop working on something important.  Imagine that!  Something that can inspire others to learn about ONE, to learn about women in the developing world and learn what simple actions they can take to improve the lives of these women.  I am free typing, not writing and re-writing, and I am doing this with the confidence that my voice is making a difference.  Just sitting here I met 3 beautiful women, all from different areas of the US and the world.  Our conversation took us to paying attention to the good that is in the world.  They are all making a difference within their own circles and now they plan to to follow our ONE Mom trip and be a voice for all of the beautiful women of the world as ONE members!
            My journey has now begun and I am so grateful to have support all around me.  Our itinerary is incredible and I am excited to share an overview of it here.  Not only will the stories of these moms be shared on all of our ONE Mom blogs and the ONE blog, but we will also be covered by ABC News as part of their global health series.  So incredible!!
            So follow the link above to follow me in Kenya to be a part of this amazing trip:
Arrive in Nairobi                                                                                               
Day 1: Kisumu, Kenya
             Travel with Home-Based Testing Community Health Workers (HIV/AIDS)
             See vaccines at work and meet moms-to-be at  Siaya Clinical Research Center  (Vaccines/Maternal and Child Health)
Daily Action: Today the bloggers will visit health clinics that receive direct funding from the United States. Sign our petition asking Congress not to cut funding for these effective programs that are saving lives. Then ask 5 friends to do the same:
Day 2: Kisumu, Kenya
             Meet with women undergoing pregnancy monitoring and birth attendants at the Lwak Nutritional Center (Maternal and Child Health)
             Visit the women of the fishing industry at Dunga Beach (Trade)
             Meet community health workers who work with tuberculosis patients (Infectious Disease)
Daily Action: Today the bloggers will be meeting with couples and mothers living with HIV, Tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. Using the hashtag #ONEMoms, tweet a message (or messages) you’d like us to deliver to mothers in Kenya. 
Day 3: Nairobi, Kenya
             Visit an early learning program at a USAID Education Site Visit (Education)
Daily Action: Today the bloggers are meeting with teachers and students in Nairobi. Watch our video “Chieftainess” about a remarkable woman who is teaching her community about the importance of education. Then share the video with your friends and leave a comment:
Day 3: Karen and Nairobi, Kenya
             Speak with Kenyan women entrepreneurs and how the US Government plays a role in their business (Trade)
             Meet with members of Carolina for Kibera and learn about their programs (Development)
Daily Action: Today the bloggers are meeting with women entrepreneurs in Karen, Kenya who are leading in building their communities’ economies and providing opportunities to others. Check out ONE’s report “Africa’s Future is Female” to learn more about how women are leading a revolution on the continent: Then, using hashtag #ONEMoms tell us (@ONECampaign) one thing that surprised you. Or leave a comment on our Facebook page (
Day 4: Lake Naivasha, Kenya
             Visit a horticulture and daily sites run by small female farmers working with Feed the Future (Agriculture)
Daily Action: Today the bloggers are meeting with a group of women farmers near Lake Naivasha, Kenya. As you’re probably aware, the Horn of Africa is currently enduring a horrible famine. Educate yourself about what’s happening on the ground, and learn more about how you can contribute by visiting our friends at InterAction:
Depart Nairobi

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3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. I picked up your tweet and it led me to your blog…thought I would share:I was inspired by the Make Poverty History Campaign in 2005, which was linked to the One Campaign as well. It eventually led me to my current work and a trip to Nairobi and northern Uganda too in 2010 – so I can appreciate your sense of excitement at this time. You will undoubtedly have an extraordinary trip, life changing. Your agenda looks very interesting and I look forward to your blog.JamesVancouver,

  2. I am so excited for you and more importantly so PROUD of you! I am lucky to call you one of my closest friends and even though we have been seperated by MILES for several years you are still so close to my heart. Even now as you travel half way across the world in the name of such an important cause, I am with you and as close to you as I have ever been! Sending you postive thoughts and hopes for what I know will be a trip of a life time!~Kelly Q and the whole Q clan!

  3. I found you through the One site about the Kenya trip. I'm excited to learn more about ONE and follow along with your stories. I'm a mother to four and know it is all about making a difference.

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