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It Only Takes ONE Mom–Join the Movement #ONEMoms

              Once we learn that more than 11 million people in the Horn of Africa – greater than the populations of Houston and New York City combined – are desperately in need of food, clean water and basic sanitation, how can we not take action?  By joining the ONE movement we can be a part of the solution.  Some people look back to previous droughts and question whether things will ever change.  But we’ve got proof that smart aid works. In Ethiopia, millions of people will be able to survive this drought because of an early warning system that was put in place with help from USAID – and because the Ethiopian government began distributing food before the crisis hit. The number of malnourished people in Ethiopia has fallen from 71% in 1992 to 46% today. We know that growth in agriculture is twice as effective at reducing poverty as growth in other areas.
                This last Saturday I organized a ONE Volunteer Day at The Full Belly Project (  This is a wonderful day for ONE members to connect personally while participating in The Full Belly Project’s incredible mission to design and distribute income-generating agricultural devices to improve life in developing countries.  This is a way for us to “act locally, while advocating globally”.  By being, ONE moms and ONE members, organizing events like this are just samples of what we can do right from where we are.  An inspiring ONE mom, Jennifer Grob, sent me a post right after our event. Please visit the guest blog to read about her experience.  One of our ONE mom partners, Asha Donrnfest, from Parent Hacks posted this encouraging everyone to join the #ONEMom movement.

So get creative-reach out to your circle-let’s spread the word!

Follow this link to sign the petition to ensure that congress hears that we care about the world’s poorest and that smart aid is saving lives!  Then use your voice to share this on and on and on:

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