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What can I bring to the table?

What can I bring to the table?

            Well I have to say that “coming alive” and believing that we are more powerful beyond measure is not that easy!  Overcoming fears, stepping outside of our comfort zone, and embracing our life as it presents itself can be hard work.  I know that I am not alone, because I have had many conversations with moms just like me.  Moms who were ambitious with ideas to change the world until they discovered their way of changing the world was by tucking those ambitions away for 15 years to raise their children.    

            When I was invited to join the ONE Moms Advisory Council I was first dumbstruck and then completely overwhelmed.  After so many years out of the professional world would I be able to handle this.  This was a group of established social media moms and I was just learning facebook.  There is a quote by Randy Pausch, “Be good at something; it makes you valuable…have something to bring to the table, because that will make you more welcome.”  I was at a point where I felt like being a mom was all that I had to bring to the table. 

Becoming a ONE CDL changed that for me.  I understood clearly that this was a volunteer position, and that made it safe for me. This was an opportunity for me to explore something that I had always dreamed of learning. Nursing was not my passion, but I always felt obligated to my degree. My first Regional Field Director, Lauren Conn and my current RFD, Sara Donaldson have given me the encouragement and the tools needed to re-discover the ambitions that I had tucked away so many years ago.  I am not sure they are aware of the gift they have given me!

Today as I learned how to place the “I am going to Kenya” badge on my blog I had another moment when I realized that this is all really happening.  I had a ONE meet-up with my ONE Wilmington members this morning and I found myself making rounds around the coffee shop from all of the patrons wanting to learn more about ONE.  I am a ONE advocate.  It comes natural.  It makes me valuable.  It is what I can bring to the table.

I invite you now to click on the “I am going to Kenya “tab and follow me along on the trip!  My post will begin sharing this experience from getting a passport, vaccinations, and our family working the Miami U2 concert in between.  I will discuss the books I am reading to prepare myself as well as continue to share how I am growing personally.  Through this I hope that others will become involved ONE members, who learn the issues and see how empowering it is to take action.  Thank you for being a part of the journey!

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2 thoughts on “What can I bring to the table?

  1. Your story is inspiring and I am excited you will be going to Kenya. I was there a few years back and I was really struck by how tuberculosis is having such a big impact on women there. As a nurse I bet you have seen some cases of TB and it's an issue you might look into while you are there. It's shocking that if a woman living with HIV gets TB, not only is this very often a deadly infection for her but it also means her chances of passing on HIV to her newborn are doubled! Good luck on your trip

  2. Now its very easy to contact with doctor .

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