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Creating Space

“Half of the confusion in the world comes from not knowing how little we need.”
-Admiral Richard E. Byrd

        If I am to keep to my weekend motto, then this blog post must be “simple”.  The above quote has been sitting on our table for many years and was our inspiration for the weekend.  Preparing for Africa has not only inspired mental clearing, but physical clearing as well.  This weekend the kids and I did mega house and garage de-cluttering.  I have created the space needed to immerse myself in Africa.

Now I feel free to dive into our reading list!  I am a non-fiction junkie, so plan to start with Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries Are Leading the Way – Steven Radelet.  Steven Radelet was one of the many incredible speakers at this year’s ONE Power Summit.  Being an economist, he gives an educated analysis of the progress being made in many African countries and provides a model that can be followed for the entire developing world to follow for progress. His book was a favorite of one of my fellow ONE CDLs so I am excited to dive in.

As the kids and I were working we talked lots about my upcoming trip and what I may see.  I believe what they visualize may have put into perspective really how little we need; being with one another, appreciating our surroundings, and the health that we are blessed with.  After we completed all of our spaces, we set down together, looked around—and smiled! 

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