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The World is Busy

The World is Busy
My last three weeks have been filled with spring concerts, talent shows, socials, graduations, award ceremonies, celebrations, grocery shopping, bill paying, house cleaning (minimally), laundry, and ONE events.  I compare the end of the school year to running a marathon, without the fitness benefits.  I find though, that everyone I talk to (parents or not) is busy.  I like to say “the world is busy” when I find myself complaining about the demanding schedule of life.  This comment reminds me to remain conscious of my life as it is here where I have a car, roads, and grocery stores.  Did you know that the women of Kenya produce 80% of the food and represent 70% of all the agriculture workers?  They do this while caring for their families and communities at large.  This puts my life in perspective and makes preparing dinner seem minuscule.  I am in awe of the resilience of African women.
The strength and courage I have always imagined these women to have will be realized when I witness their experience next month.  On my trip to Kenya with the ONE Moms Advisory Council we will be meeting with women to hear their stories of hope and optimism as well as the challenges they face in their day to day lives.  We will have seven days to meet a variety of women from different areas of the country. I will get to find our connections and hopefully help others feel connected as well.  I want to honor them with this blog and my words.  This trip has presented itself at a transitional time in my life.  There is a reason it is happening now in this moment.  I do not wish to ponder why and create expectations.  My plan is to slow down, find my center, and be present in each and every moment.
Photo Courtesy of Morgana Wingard, ONE Campaign

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3 thoughts on “The World is Busy

  1. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.Have a nice day!

  2. Don't worry you will have a wonderful time

  3. This is where i grew up I know exactly what you are talking about. Nice Blog keep it up.Betha

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