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Together We Are Transformed

Pamoja Tunabadilishwa
“Together we are transformed”

I am finding it difficult to put this post into words.  Ask me to speak aloud how moved I was by what is happening at Amani Ya Juu ( and I can passionately share every detail, but ask me to come back and write it in words-my page remains blank. This may be because I felt something resonate with my personal journey, but it is also because I want every reader to come away knowing that peace is happening!

Amani Ya Juu is a sewing and training program for marginalized women based in East Africa.  These women come from Kenya, Sudan, Burundi, Liberia-Bassa, Congo, Somali, Rwanda, Uganda, and Ethiopia.  Think about standing in a circle of women representing all of these African countries, then think about the power they have to transform not just Africa, but the world.   Together they created the unity quilt (one corner of it is pictured above) to illustrate how reconciliation is celebrated traditionally by their people.  But, as you can guess they did not stop there!  Their children created a quilt with all of their handprints sewn together.  These children will grow up knowing nothing but love for each other.  Just as I have said before moms have the ability to multiply their advocacy. 

The work these women are doing goes far beyond making handbags, home décor, jewelry, women’s wear, and children’s items.  It is about transformation, for themselves, their children, and their continent.  They demonstrate without a doubt that “together we are transformed”.  This trip has placed me in a global circle of women.  I have learned clearly that we are all connected and that our voice, our compassion, and our action can CHANGE THE WORLD!!

Our ONE Mom action for the day is tied in with our morning visit meeting with teachers and students in one of Nairobi’s slum district.  Again, it was another reminder that we all want the same for our children.  This will have to be a post for another time, but for now you can watch our video “Chieftainess” about a remarkable woman who is teaching her community about the importance of education. Then share the video with your friends and leave a comment: 

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One thought on “Together We Are Transformed

  1. I really just wanted to say thanks so much for going to Kenya and sharing your experience online for other women, like me, to read. I started to get involved with HIV and AIDS campaigning back in 2002. sadly, not long after, I found myself in and out of Pediatricians and other specialists offices with my son for the next five years, so my campaigning kind of came to an end. Something has been stirring up within me again over the past three or four months. I recently finished reading Shayne’s book “Global Soccer Mom” and have been trying to work out what and how to get more involved with eradicating global poverty. The ONE Mom’s trip to Kenya has come at the right time for me. With each of your blog posts I have felt like I could be there in Kenya with me. I have greatly appreciated your raw honesty about everything and it has been good to see success among the slums etc. and where aid is helping. Your trip has impacted me so much. I went grocery shopping today and when I walked through the doors to the store I had to take a few deep breaths as I saw so much abundance in food, compared with images of Kibera that I had been looking at just twenty minutes beforehand. I can’t even begin to imagine the impact that it has had on you. So, thank you, may you have safe travels back home. Keep spreading the word ☺

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