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Woo!! Hoo!! Fax Machines are Making a Comeback!!!

I was so excited to learn that fax machines were making a comeback this morning!  Maybe we can go back to landline phones as well.  The idea of sitting in one place and having an intimate conversation with a friend knowing that neither one of us was folding laundry, doing dishes, answering emails, or better yet using the restroom.  When I heard the news on this morning I was thrilled!!  There are some other great predictions as well.  Take a look……….

            How awesome is that?  A little April Fools mixed in with a LOT of good news.  The beginning of the end of AIDS is welcome news to the millions of people living with this horrific virus.  Think about no child being born with HIV by 2015.  Our generation is responsible for this accomplishment.  Our scientists, physicians, leaders, and US!  But, we cannot stop now.  We are making progress and have to keep the momentum going.  Please take a moment, sign the petition, and add your voice.

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