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Africa Revisited

Africa Revisited

             I am not sure how, but it has been a month since I posted on my blog.  I always go back to the post I wrote the first of June titled, The World is Busy  I am notorious for saying, “after this weekend everything slows down”.  I am coming to the realization that life will continue to move forward and while I have three school age kids at three different schools life will move forward at an Indy car pace!     
     This last week though, my ONE Mom trip book came in the mail and I was jolted with emotion.  My trip to Africa and all of the feelings that came with it came flooding back.  Looking at the book and seeing me on the pages I think it finally became clear that I really was standing on the continent of Africa with these incredible women both from Kenya and America.  This experience has not been a dream and the opportunity that I have been given to make a difference in the world is right here in front of me.

            Looking back on my blog, there is so much that I have not shared yet; places we visited, friends I made, and stories I heard. I know that I need to write these down.  I absorb experiences.  I think they travel right down to my soul.  I find it extremely difficult to put them into words.  However, I want what I learned from Africa to be available for everyone, especially my kids!  So I am designating a day every week on my calendar to Africa.  I am pulling out our ONE Mom itinerary and revisiting each moment.  This trip has been transformational and by sharing the stories I hope to encourage others to have their eyes opened as mine have been.

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